Marathon Prepping

It feels more real that I am running a marathon this weekend now that I am carb loading.

So here are my other “Week of” the marathon preparations that are necessary:

in order of importance

1. Call, text, email, facebook your running partner(s) every time you think about:
a) the marathon, b) travel plans/hotel/getting there, c) outfits, d) future races, e) food, f) your taper runs

2. Tell everyone you know you are running a marathon.
Even though they will likely still ask you Tuesday ‘What did you do this weekend?’ with a blank look on their face

3. Check the race website every 15 minutes to see if there are any updates.
Even though there aren’t any updates

4. Check the weather forecast at least daily.

5. Hydrate. Drink Nuun. Freak out that you have no voice.
And feel everyone around you’s relief about your loss of voice, since all you want to do is talk about your freaking marathon!

6. Go to Fleet Feet (or your local running store) several times this week, for several reasons-
a. Runners love to hear about your marathon
b. You might need gloves
c. You might need arm warmers
d. You might need some more GU
e. You forgot to get Nuun the last time you were there
f. You might want to look at buying an ENTIRE extra outfit, just in case the weather forecast suddenly changes

7. Pack your whole closet of running gear and clothes

8. Carb-load.
For me, that began with 3 sandwiches at lunch and crackers. I plan to grab donuts on the way home (thanks Dan and Dave for the gift cards!), Pizza tonight, then grabbing some French pastries.

9. Try to find time to squeeze in a few runs on the treadmill between running to the store, running out to get Pizza/Donuts, and checking all the aforementioned websites.
Pray that you don’t go too fast and mess up four months of training. And curse the treadmill.

10. Music Playlist.
Okay, that should be higher…

Oh yeah, and have fun. Relax. Go out on a date.

Okay, no seriously, I am not too stressed. It is just a 26 mile training run for Allison and I, to prepare for our upcoming Ultra. <— Which when I said to her (completely joking), she was like “you know, I’ve been thinking, maybe I could do an ultra…” But it’s just a training run. In cute clothes. And with a bunch of new friends. It’s our new running group ๐Ÿ™‚

3 days…

4 thoughts on “Marathon Prepping

  1. I think you are a little more stressed than I am..
    we will do GREAT… and yes, i like thinking of it as just a Saturday long run in a new city with alot of new friends.

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