Carb loading and sleepovers


(That was a relaxed sigh)

You know those days? You wake up. The sun is peaking through the red and orange leaves. And you step outside bundled up in your coat (it was sub-30 last night). And breathe in the crisp cool air. Sip some coffee. Go to Dunkin Donuts, eat 6 doughnuts for breakfast. Yeah.

Life is good.

Carb loading and sleepovers. Nothing much better than that.

They relax me. I never knew how much fun it is to eat 4 slices of pizza (Mellow Mushroom pizza loaded with various items), and to get 6 doughnuts on the way to work, and be thinking These will be gone by tomorrow and have absolutely no guilt. In fact, I have pride.

This is part of my training. Julie (my “coach”) said I should carb load for three days. As in, it’s in my training calendar, so I think it is just as important as my long runs.

Most important part of November’s training

Oh, and Dan came over last night. Still not sure I want to write everything yet. (I’m always afraid to jinx things) But we are transitioning from friends to more than friends. And there’s definitely something there…
I’ll write more on it when I have a better grasp on what it is 🙂

Also, I’m suddenly ob-freaking-sessed with the Walking Dead. So our ‘group’ is in need of a Farmer, and someone who owns a LOT of land (like 30+ acres). Any takers? Know someone?

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