bad omens to a new group run

I decided to try out a running store closer to me. I always see them when I’m out on a run on Wednesday nights, and with the after-work runs becoming seemingly-late-night-runs (seriously 5pm? Why are you disguised as midnight suddenly?!), I thought having extra people to count on would be nice.

So, every Wednesday, Inside-Out Sports does a group run. The first Wed of the month, they finish at a wine shop and do a wine tasting, and call this whole event “Chase the Grape”. I like the sound of that, so I thought I’d start running with them. And no time like the present?!

So, I got there early, like a true runnerd. And, like a true runnerd, I was dressed in my reflective gear, dayglow green long-sleeve shirt, and headlamp. What’s up Cary?! You will see me coming! Feeling like a nerd, I grabbed my things, and kind of slung my headlamp and armband in my hand, with my iphone (4). And walked about 5 steps across the parking lot.

And dropped my phone. Now, maybe people with crappy (older) phones cannot relate. But, it landed screen-side down. And I had the moment. That Yep, it’s broken moment. And bent down to pick it up (Though I really wanted to admit defeat, and abandon it, like Nope. Not that one. It’s not mine. My phone is new and shiny, and other… there!)

But, I picked it up. The screen was completely shattered. (See picture)

I almost cried. And walked back to my car. Totally defeated. Clearly, I was not meant to run with this group. I cannot run without my phone or a watch (Or Allie and her trusty garmin). Right?!


I decided to run anyway. “The pack” of us was 6 strong. Yeaaaah! Two were a couple in their 60s, who run very slow (like 12-13 minute pace). So I started off at the front of the pack. With guys who had recently had 3:30s marathons, and were mad about it… Their standard half marathon times were 1:40s, and one guy had just finished a 8K (5 miles) in 28-something, and got 13th place overall. Let me say my times for the record- full marathon (singular)- 4:30, half marathon 2:08, 8K 42:30… And those are my PR times… Ummm… This might hurt. But I kept thinking, they’ll go on without me when I am going too slow.

Instead, they stayed with me. And told me I was pushing their speed. Which is sweet, but I knew it couldn’t be true.

The loop itself was torturous, mentally. The store is about a mile from my house, so we ran by it in the beginning (and my body instinctually, picked up the speed) and then, again about a mile before the end.

They eventually left me around mile 4, but I knew my way (as I said, in my backyard). They were usually about 100 meters ahead of me. They were doing an “easy” pace- probably 8s, which is my tempo pace.

All in all, a great run. Though I have no idea my overall time or speed or pace. But afterward, all the guys complimented me for really pushing it and staying with them, knowing my times (which I told them).

But yeah, my iPhone- I’m hoping apple can fix the screen. Or is like “oh god! We feel sorry for you. You still have the iphone 4? …Here’s another, for free. Seriously. We were gonna throw them out…” Here’s hoping!

Oh, Holiday Challenge Update-

(Mon, 11/26) Day 5– core strengthening (had been planning a run, but was hungry when I got home, and it was dark, and it was cold, and I just didn’t want to run, and for me, this whole challenge is a way to enjoy staying fit, so I didn’t go). So I did: 2×20 of a pilates series I’ve done since high school (see picture sequence below- for good laughs), then 2×50 “penguins” (Can you tell I coached gymnasts for six years?  Video here  Thank you Youtube!), then finished it all off with 2 1-minute plank holds.
(Tue, 11/27) Day 6- Had been thinking I would run up and down Dan’s stairs and have him time me for 5 minutes and see how many “laps” I could make. However, I was fighting a headache all day. So, I didn’t do much of anything. But! I did sit on an exercise ball at work for 4 hours, and did at least one “V hold” every hour or so… I mean, that counts for something right? (Wed, 11/28) Day 7- Group tempo run. 5 miles, first three at a sub-8:00 pace super fast, the last two more like a 9-something very slow. But hey, I was running with new people and basically the mile after we passed my house, my brain was telling my body Wait a second… Something’s wrong. We are supposed to be done by now…
Tonight is the fun. concert, so I am planning to go to the gym for 15-20 minutes (for either a treadmill speed mile, or some weights, depending on time). Of course that is after I drop by the doctor apple store, and get the official diagnosis on my phone. I had to look for my old cell phone and charger last night, as I’m using those as a short-term fix. Oh god (funny), I charged my old cell phone last night, and my alarm went off at 5:10am this morning, which is a cruel reminder that I will be waking up that early for work in the spring. I usually get up around 6:30, so I was not a happy camper this morning.

One thought on “bad omens to a new group run

  1. What a bummer about your phone! I went through several phones in college. One night in particular I dropped my razor flip phone (remember those) on the floor and it split into 3 pieces. Yikes! When I called my dad to lament, he kept saying “press the reset button!” Sorry pops, not gonna fly this time…

    I would be dying if I ran with people that fast, but on the bright side, it’s a great way to improve your pace (if you continue running with that group).

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