(not) running in Boston…

So my first trip to Boston, and I’m hoping it won’t be my last. It was short- a couple days. And I am finally able to put a face to some coworkers I have seen via Skype and speak with on weekly conference calls (for the past two years). All that was nice. Truthfully, I could see myself living in Boston; the history and the culture just fit my style.

I began the trip at 445am, and I think my body just was going on auto-pilot, believing I could only be up for one thing- to run. I had to shut those thoughts out. I had a 7am flight, and that’s why I was up so early, and we got to the airport in perfect timing. And our flight was super short (1.5 hours), and no turbulence. The cabby from the airport to our hotel swore he could not drive down the street our inn was located on. But said he could drive us around to get “closer” and dropped us off about .7 miles away. I am a new yorker through and through. My family roots came out, and I demanded he pull over, and let us out. I was not about to let him keep the meter running, while we (the out of towners) gave him directions to our inn. So, we walked for close to a mile with our suitcases, during “rush hour” when everyone else was headed toward the hospital. Also, the cab ride was $32, I felt he must have driven around the way, because it only took 15 minutes. I guess cabs are more expensive in Boston than other cities I’ve lived (Raleigh isn’t a good measure, since no one takes a cab).

My coworker and I were traveling together, and stood anxiously outside our inn, waiting for “them” to pick us up (imagine a blind date). A quartet of giggles came towards us, and we both thought I think that’s them… I’m not sure… Hmmm… maybe? And they crossed the street, and said our names. As we walked the 1/2 mile to the office from there, two took the lead with me, and excitedly asked me about my running plans, because they were so interested. We were staying out by the Longwood area (toward Fenway/ BU/ MIT/ Harvard Medical Center), and they suggested I run down by the (Charles) River on the Boston side, then cross over to the Cambridge side to run back… Which made me chuckle. I quickly explained I only wanted to do 4 or 5 miles, and they were confused. Didn’t you just run a marathon? And I said I’m not here to run the Boston Marathon… And we laughed about it. Apparently these two were runners, and one even ran home (3-4 miles) on a regular basis (including Thursday night).

Meeting everyone was great. If we pretend it was a first date scenario, it was a great first date.

So we worked up until about 8pm. Our coworker walked to her train, and we returned to the inn, and grabbed chocolate covered almonds, and chips, and cookies, and tea, and went upstairs to decompress from a long, but good day.

And then, Friday, we were scheduled to find our own way to the office, which was pretty easy at that point. Friday’s plan was to get out of work by 3(ish) and head to the inn, quickly change, and go for a short run. But, frankly, I was tired, and it was 4 by the time we got to the inn, and it was overcast, so I thought it was going to be dark in no time at all. And my coworker wanted to go to downtown Boston, and see all the sights. So I scrapped the run. We had walked 3 miles (for our lunch… We walked through Boston a little to get to the restaurant), so we hopped on the train, and headed into the city.

We got off by Boston Common, which we loved. It was so pretty this time of year. And we marveled at the christmas tree, and lights, and the skating pond. And wandered around a good bit. Then, decided to wander over to Fanueil Hall, because everyone said we had to see it. And walked right past it. And into the North End of Boston, and marveled at the brownstones. Then, decided to check my map for Fanueil Hall, and walked over to it (about a mile away). And then walked toward Boston Common to eat, and found a cute place. And I had a beer- Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA- it was delicious! Then we were stuffed after dinner. And the weather was decent (35 degrees and damp). So we decided to walk back to the inn. It was only 3 miles. When I got back to the room- I calculated that we had walked about 8-9 miles throughout the day. So I consider that I did a good bit of cross-training on this trip 🙂

We ran a little- across the streets- jay walking, pretending to be locals. As if locals walk 2-3 miles from point A to point B when there’s a train that will do that… I’m guessing that’s a little tourist-y.

But we decided Beacon Hill was our second favorite neighborhood. I actually loved the Back Bay area, just east of Fenway (maybe?) on Commonwealth. It was there we crossed back to Beacon, and headed that way back to our hotel. We felt we deserved cookies when we got back to the inn, and hot chocolate. It started raining a little near the end. We stayed up and chatted about life. Until it was finally bed time.

In general, I love Boston. I could definitely see myself there. There were tons of runners (which I already knew), and everyone was so friendly, but direct. Though the whole “rushed city” feeling was imminent too. I felt southern, just meandering around the city at 9pm 🙂

It was so pretty all lit up

It was so pretty all lit up

Saturday morning we headed to Cambridge (by foot- because at that point- why not?)… Well, why not? Because it was raining. It wasn’t at first, but soon after we started walking, it started raining, and my shoes were soaked. It wasn’t such a pretty day, and we couldn’t really appreciate Cambridge and Harvard. Everyone had said it’s a beautiful campus, but we found it damp, cold, and foggy. And quickly found shelter for a lunch to-go, and got back to the inn to get to the airport.

So in total, I walked about 2 miles Thursday, 8 miles Friday, and 5 miles Saturday. That’s a total of 15 miles in three days. Although no running, I feel okay with 15 miles… After all, I’m doing 9 miles with Dan Sunday afternoon (and he has been running at a faster pace- about 7:30s to 8s), so it may be a struggle to keep up 🙂


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