Determined to run 1,000 miles!

Last year (2011), I set a goal to complete 500 miles by the end of the year, and reached about 400 when I suffered a minor hip injury. I could still run, and managed to get to 485, but felt defeated by not getting in 500 miles. In 2012, I made a silent goal of running 1,000 miles. I had no idea if I could reach it, so I didn’t start saying it out loud until after I reached 500 miles.

As of this morning, December 19, I am at 986 miles. I have 12 more days to get in 14 miles. As of December 1, I had 49 miles left to go, so I have been making some progress (35 miles).

I ran ~12 miles on Saturday, with a new group of people (who I actually really enjoyed). The first three miles were on a single track trail. That cautious voice in my head was saying Be careful…¬†(that’s how I injured myself in 2011- too much trail running and hill repeats with not enough strength training). However, my hips felt fine, until about mile 11. Then it got my attention- but this time it was my right hip. I guess it was jealous that the left hip always gets my attention, and wanted to crash the party.

Sunday, I planned to run with Dan, before indulging in La Farm. Since I still planned to indulge in La Farm, and Dan gets so enthusiastic about running with me (no matter how slow), we still ran 3 miles, but at an easy pace. About a mile of it was on a trail (I know! I know! …That voice was going off for a good bit, but I love the technicality of trail running, and thought it would be okay)

Monday, I did some strength-training, and when I got to squats, my right hip kept popping audibly (the same symptom that eventually led to pain in my left hip). So I skipped squats. And I scrapped Tuesday night’s run, and didn’t do anything active.

So, now, 14 miles away… My plan is to do a lot of easy runs (and still make it to 1,000). Maybe I am being overzealous… It’s definitely not a full-blown injury, and my pain is about a 4 when walking swiftly, 6 when running, and fine when sitting or standing. Honestly, it dials up to a 8 when I make a sharp right turn (I found this out when my Dad turned quickly and gave me a hug, which pushed me to turn sharply, as I thought he was falling over, so I was hurriedly moving out of his way, so he could fall in peace). Bottom line- as long as no one cuts me off during the group run tonight, I think I’ll be fine. I’ll be running like a car without automatic steering. Besides, it’s an Ugly Sweater Run… How can you not go to one of those?!

Still, I will get 1,000 miles. In 12 days, I can accomplish 5 runs, of 3 miles each… I can do this!

Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. Yoga, yoga, yoga…

Awkward moment of last week-
Dan and I went for a group run (that a few others were supposedly going to). I showed up first, with my headlamp, and reflective gear. No one was at Fleet Feet, except the employees. Dan showed up about 5 minutes later, looking like a ninja in all black. It was 6pm, dark, and raining. They wouldn’t let us go out unless Dan either bought something reflective or didn’t write his name down as being there. No one else showed up. So, on paper, it looks like I went for a group run by myself. Also, it’s not cool to not wear reflective gear at night… It’s just stupid. I made him wear my reflective wrist bracelets before I would run next to him… Even though I was clearly visible and he stayed with me the whole time.

Side note- I really like my Petzl Tikka 2 Headlamp. It works great for a less-than-20-dollar headlamp. Only downfall- every time I put it on, I feel the need to make jokes about spelunking (Maybe that’s just me?). #cornydadjokes

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