Merrrowwry Christmas!

I completed all my shopping yesterday. Including shopping for some hard-to-shop-for people…

My GBF and I. And we went home last night, and completed one of my gifts (which I can’t picture, in case people see them before Christmas… so I’ll post them after Christmas)

I turned on Netflix, and wrapped them. All but three boxes; then got more wrapping paper this morning, and finished wrapping. This is my earliest completed Christmas wrapping ever (Dec 23). Go me!

$12 from Target last year...

$12 tree

You have no idea what's inside any of these...

So, I had time to take pictures, and post them for anyone lacking holiday enthusiasm. Trust me- you wrap prettier than I do… Just have fun with it! I like to make it a joke- how many pieces of tape can I use? How long will it take people to get the box open? How big of a box is necessary for a giftcard? How many boxes can I put inside other boxes? What do you do when you run out of gifttags?

And my GBF took a picture of me and my cat- Sylvester.  from my house to yours…


Clearly, he loves the holidays so much, he is screaming about it… 🙂 My 18-lb cat cracks me up.

So, as Sly is screaming in this picture “Merrowrry Christmas Everyone!”

(Oh, and I’m at 995 miles for 2012)

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