And my indecision (finally) pays off!

I woke up today to do a 7 mile run with Sarah. (In my head, I was going to do 4 miles on Saturday, then 7 miles with Sarah… but it was icy). The trail was icy and at 10am, it was still 28 degrees, so it was a lot of “tip toe” running, but 10:21 average pace, which is decent. With the last 0.5 miles being a sub-8:00 pace. Woo! Go me… ANYWAY!

Before I left, I got an email from Dicks (Sporting Goods). They were having a sale- 50% off their clearance, and I’d been thinking I need a new pair of tights for the past week… Sweet! Tights for $12? (legit fleece-lined tights) I’ll take it! I wanted to try them on though to make sure they fit properly. So I finished my run, went to brunch with Dan, and talked him into going with me to Dicks. He was kind of excited about the idea of cheap tights too…

Well, they didn’t have any tights on sale at Dicks. And I got on my phone, and the tights I’d seen were sold out. BUMMER! So I hung out with Dan for the afternoon, blah blah blah. And then, I went to TJ Maxx on the way home- sometimes they have pretty good Nike gear. Well, jack pot! There was Saucony, Nike, and Mizuno apparel- all about 50% off normal price. Sweet! …But no tights, in less than a XL. I was kinda bummed, but decided I could try on a vest and a few long sleeve fleece shirts. I found one that was super soft, and neon green with purple accents, and HUGE front pockets. All nice. But, I had gone in there for tights, so should I get an unnecessary shirt?

I pondered all this as I wandered the store. Don’t I have enough gear? I need tights… I glanced over and saw some gloves and looked at them nonchalantly. I kind of need gloves… Hmmm… These are lifting gloves. Oh, those are nice gloves… Ah, L/XL. Of course! … Hmmm jump ropes, maybe? No, no, I never jump rope, and hate it on principal. When will jump rope ever come in handy in practical application? And then BAM! Like a freaking miracle. I swear I heard angelic harps…


CWX compression tights less than half off!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. But, surely, they are for the beastly and tall amazon women, not my petite 5’3 120# frame… OMG! AND THEY’RE MY SIZE! They never ever have my size in stuff like this. I glanced around to see if some runner was playing a mean joke (only runners know the true value of these pants and why people spend $200 for tights). Everyone was carrying on business as usual. I continue to wander around the store, looking for other treasures. All the while, feeling like Charlie with a golden ticket that nobody else knows I have in hand.

I proudly went to the cash register to check out. The older (clearly not a runner) lady looked at first like “Ugh, god. These are expensive.” Then saw the brand name. “Oh, I didn’t know we had these” “Me neither” I say quickly as if she’s going to announce it and I will suddenly have faster runners attempting to steal them from me. “These are the nice kind aren’t they?” Yes, yes they are.

And I immediately went home to try them on. I cannot wait to run 15+ miles in them… It makes me want to plan a long run for tomorrow. Too bad I have to work… 🙂

between these CWX tights and my Garmin Forerunner 10, I think I'll be running sub8s any day now :)

between these CWX tights and my Garmin Forerunner 10, I think I’ll be running sub8s any day now 🙂

So happy. So fast. And all for $80

So happy. So fast. And all for $80

January’s cold miles

Oh my freaking gosh! It was been so cold here this week. In Raleigh, it has been as hot as 70 this winter. But suddenly this week, it turned into winter overnight. So, in attempts to step it up now; I still ran…

Sunday- 9 painfully slow miles (10:15 pace). It was 65 degrees out (okay maybe a little colder- like 60). But I just felt like every step was hard. After a couple weeks of going easy- had a biopsy that required me to be more cautious than usual- it felt really hard to get a 10:15 pace, but I managed to finish the last two miles at 9:30s, so maybe it’s mental…
Monday- work, then dinner at Dan’s, where I learned what it would feel like if I made all the money and he was the housewife. He would be such a perfect little housewife– He got up, went to crossfit, went grocery shopping, picked up some fresh salmon (at a huge discount and got flowers with extra $$), and made me dinner… 🙂
Tuesday- 2×3 miles. My alarm went off at 650am, and I begrudgingly got out of bed. Then basically dragged Dan out of bed. He was going to swim a mile at the pool, and me- 3 miles outside. It was 21 degrees (yes! I still live in the SOUTH!). I went through downtown as fast as I could- 8:33, 8:45, 9:49. By the last mile it was approaching 730, and people were on the roads, hence I had to wait every few blocks for traffic to clear and couldn’t get in a steady pace. AND THEN TUESDAY NIGHT began Fleet Feet’s half marathon training, for which I am a mentor. Yay! I got to meet my mentees. It turns out I’ll be mentoring the 10-11:00 pacers. Which suits me well. The group I was with Tuesday night went out strong- 9:36, 9:35; I kept glancing down, and partially commending them on their speed, and partially cautioning they could slow down if they wanted. The three miles were at a 9:47 average pace, which is probably strong for that group. Either way, that was another dark and cold workout– 25 degrees. The others I usually run with (including Dan) met to do 7 miles together, but it was too cold for me to turn around and meet them, or wait for them by the Whole Foods.
Wed- absolutely nothing. Though a friend invited me to go to bootcamp with her next Wed… woo! …At 6am. Did I mention I don’t like mornings?! haha
Thur- solo run. Attempted to do 6-7 miles. It was about 30 degrees, and started getting dark; so I did 5 miles. They were probably as hard as the last five miles of my marathon. My legs hurt. For the last mile, I thought if I go faster, my legs will warm up, AND I’ll be done sooner. But instead, my lungs hurt more, my legs felt like they were spinning out of control, AND I got the wind blowing through my face. Someone said it wasn’t too cold, and I wanted to say “you weren’t running that fast…” (I know they’re a slower pace than me)… I was bitter, and it took a few hours to fully warm up after that 🙂
Fri (today)- I was at the hospital for 8 hours. No freaking out- it’s my job… My first patient fainted. And the second one couldn’t complete the urine pregnancy. So my timing was off with the two of them, and I didn’t really get a breather until like 2pm (I went in at 7am). I ran to move my car quickly. Long story- but parking is at a premium in hospitals, so I have a two-hour space. After being in the same spot for 3+ hours, I ran to my car, moved it and hiked back to the hospital in time to catch the next blood draw for pt #2 and complete measurements on pt #1. As I was running back, it started sleeting. And never really stopped. The roads were gross heading home, and my normal 20-min commute took about an hour because we were all going so slow (safely… not complaining, just saying…)

Run group was cancelled tomorrow, but I might try to get in 5-6 miles on the warm dreadmill. Then 7-9 miles with Sarah on Sunday late morning. I hate running in the freezing rain. I actually would rather run in the snow. Full-heartedly. And I WILL NOT run on ice. I have ran on snow before- and that’s fine. Just get some thick-ish socks and heavier shoes, and it’s fine. But ice & freezing rain- it doesn’t matter what you wear– you end up wet with a bruised ass.

Oh, and Tue and Wed AM I woke up to my power going off. So I remembered those who have it worse off. Stay safe everyone! And warm! 🙂

Been a long time

So it’s been a while. I apologize for that. If I have anyone who even follows me. So updates first:
I ran 1015 miles in 2012 (go me!). I’m looking to just ran 800 this year, though I might get more, I’m not pushing for more than that.
The holidays were good but became busy and I had some various family functions to attend. I will soon be an aunt (due date is feb 14 2013), but I’m hoping it comes early. My moms birthday is feb 14, and it would be a nightmare to have my mothers first born grandchild with her birthday. I’ve begged my sister in law to squeeze those legs together until feb 15, but I don’t think she understands the seriousness of the date 🙂
I’m still running. Not experiencing any pain at the moment. A few weeks ago, I went out with a group of old running buddies, and they are all training for a full. (I’m not). They went 16 miles and I had been thinking 10-12 miles when I started; but ended up going the full 16. Dave and I finished strong, with the last three miles at 9:57, 9:49, 9:27. Woo! Go us! But my body was exhausted the next 24 hours.
Dan and I are still going strong. I am adjusting to referring to him as my boyfriend, which seems so foreign to me. We’re planning a weekend away- maybe to snow board if we get snow. And we’re doing dinner with my dad and his wife tomorrow night. At an empanada/tequila restaurant, which sounds delicious. Dan wants to get my dad ‘drunk off margs’ haha
Our Palmetto relay team is finally starting to come together. We ran from natty greenes Tuesday. And I think we’ll have a good group, and a bigger van, and it ends in charleston which will be nice. All in all, I’m looking forward to April 🙂
I actually don’t have a lot of running plans this year. I feel like last year it took up so much of my time and effort. And I love it. And plan to keep it up, but am trying to be more moderate about it, and enjoy the other aspects if my life 🙂
Life is good. I don’t have to run to get that…