Meet Agony of de Feet

In April, I have my second relay race. From Columbia, SC to Charleston, SC. it will be lots of fun. And our team rocks. And I’m really looking forward to it. And trying to pick up speed along the way.

Speaking of the Palmetto Relay, you all were dying for an update right?! Well the recruitment for Van #1 has been pretty great. As in, if we all ran like the last two runners we recruited, we’d probably win the whole race. Yep, they’re that good.

My Palmetto team is very similar to our Tuna team, except a few replacements. Olga started her own team, taking Dave and Allison with her (who honestly are two of our stronger runners, but I hope to see them out there). One of our replacements runs Ultras regularly (including a 50K the week prior to Palmetto) and also sports metallic gold shorts while running a 1:30-something half marathon in November. There is nothing not awesome about that sentence…

Our second replacement- Chris- I know the least, but he is really excited about it. And we didn’t even have to really sell the relay thing on him. We explained it, tried to talk him out of it, and he was still super enthusiastic, and is a pretty stronger runner too.

Our third replacement is one of Dan’s best friends, and is just getting back into a regular running routine. He’ll probably pick up speed over the next few months.
Plus Sarah (Tuna Captain), Dan (rock star boyfriend of mine who loooves mornings), and me (Palmetto Captain). I think Van 1 will be great and we will do well time wise.

Van #2 is basically the same, but swapped Jason for Renee, and Beth for Sheryl. Sheryl is hilarious, and the only sad thing about having her on our team is that she isn’t in MY van, so I will hardly see her… 🙂 And, personally, I think everyone in that van is sandbagging their times, and they will be surprised when they see they have mostly short legs.

Somehow, Van #1 ended up with only a handful of less-than-5-mile runs. So, no one will have it “easy” per se.

2 thoughts on “Meet Agony of de Feet

    • There are a few series- has them across the country. Sarah (our previous team captain) is doing one in Washington state. Dan did one that was through distilleries in Kentucky (bourbon chase) my bucket list includes SoCal or Napa Valley (SanFran to Napa). Ragnar is like the rock n roll of relays so its easy to find one but they’re super crowded and sell out with 100s of teams. Also you need 11 running friends…

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