BAMF long run

If I haven’t mentioned this before- I live in North Carolina. We get drastic weather changes this time of year. Friday night it was 65 degrees. We were all wearing dresses and eating outside and driving with our windows down…

So hearing there was a “winter advisory” for Saturday afternoon made me laugh. I was skeptical we’d get any wintry mix.

I had a morning training run, which I mentor the 10-11:00 pace people for 6 miles. I then mapped out a run through Umstead, into the neighborhood I grew up in- 8 or 9 miles more. It rained during all of the first lap,but was in the lower 40’s. It was cold and miserable, but bearable.

I finished up with my group, and saw Dan pull into the parking lot. I said goodbye and we took off for another ~8 miles. We went about three miles through Umstead, which was starting to get slushy. (Umstead is a 5000+ acre park in Raleigh that is perfect for cycling, running, hiking, or riding horses. There are legit trails, but we didn’t run these. To give you an idea of its size- they run a 100-mile race here in a few laps through the park every spring).

We got out of Umstead and onto the country roads near NCSU’s vet school (it’s so country but about 10 minutes from downtown). There was no sidewalk, so we were just running through the rainy puddly street. When Dan says “Hey, look it’s freezing rain” Then a couple minutes later “Oh, that’s snow”. Within a mile, it was coming down like a blizzard. Not in Raleigh-terms blizzard, but legit blizzard. We turned into my old childhood neighborhood, and the flakes just kept getting bigger and bigger. They were coming down in 1-in diameter snowflakes. We had about 4 miles left.

I began to realize how bad ass we were, so begged Dan to take some pictures. We sacrificed our warm hands for these pictures–

That’s me… The ground was still warm from Friday, so it didn’t stick too much. But this is after it had started. It may look like rain, but that’s just because Dan sucks at taking pictures on my iPhone (he also was too far away, and managed to get his thumb and sweatshirt in the frame as well… Amateur!)


It felt like I was crying, because I had to keep brushing the snow out of my eyes. I wanted to give up so many times. But I kept pushing. When we saw this sign, we started walking. 14.21 miles total (overall time 2:30). Last 0.21 miles at a sprint pace; in 1:41. The time difference between the first picture and the second is about 30 minutes.

Final picture, before I jumped into my car, and blasted the heat:


It was a little nostalgic for me as well; to see my childhood neighborhood in the snow. And I was much happier after I had a long hot shower and got back in my warm bed with Dan and my fat cat (He wanted body heat as well).

One thought on “BAMF long run

  1. Yikes. That run sounds miserable. I am absolutely not a fan of running in weather like that. Low sixties and sunny is perfect. If the temperature were like that every single day, I’d be a happy camper. Way to power through, though!

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