Speedy or speedier?

My goal was spring is to run a sub-25:00 5K.
(Blink blink)
So wait… What?
I am keeping up a good base of long distance with one long run, one mid-distance, one short & easy run, and one speedy night. With a mix of strength training and yoga.
I ran my first (& only) 5K in 2008 (30:30); for distance. I thought this spring I’d run it for speed.
My plan was to run a 5K every Monday to practice my pacing (in between an all-out sprint and a half marathon pace I’m thinking, but that leaves a lot of room). So last Monday I went out really strong with Dan and got a 26:59 5K. I was honestly a little miffed, and a little worried my goal was too lofty
Then today happened.
Not too special of a day at the gym. But I decided I should start with a ~9:00 pace, then fall into lower 8’s. First mile was 8:33 (which is my comfortable fast pacing). I pumped it up a little for the second mile- 7:47. Okay, that was probably too fast. I’m going to lose steam on the last 1+ mile. I stayed steady for 0.4 miles, then slowly negotiated back and forth- between OMFG This is way too fast and okay I am breathing way too easily. Last mile- 7:28. Which is awesome, but hurt. I knew I’d have to do an all-out sprint the last 0.12, and did that in 0:48
Grand total for my treadmill 5K– 24:47
(Oh yeah and Raleigh is hilly so I threw in hills at mile markers 0.7, 1.5, 2.4 for about 10 secs and a 5-7% grade)
So, Question— Should I try for an even faster 5K time? Or continue working for a sub-25, chalking today’s run up to flukey treadmill miles?
(Fastest I’ve ever ran in training is a 21:something 3-miler but that was before injuries, and without GPS, about 3 years ago)

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