various wonders of my world

1. Why does lesbian running tights keep coming up on my “search terms”? Is this to presume the blog gods believe me to be lesbian? Or more so, how exactly are lesbian running tights different than heterosexual running tights? Do they come with attachments? Or a tool belt? Or other stereotypical things?
Whoever keeps searching for lesbian tights, and getting this blog; here it is- lesbian tights and heterosexual tights are the same! I know, I know; I know. Now that you have digested that… Go buy some women’s running tights 🙂 They’re on sale this time of year!

2. How did people over 40 years old suddenly become so proficient in their computer skills? Seriously. They are all over facebook and twitter, and email constantly. They even text a lot. I think most of them must have secretly gone to some computer skills training class in 2012 or something… Just an observation; not saying they do not have the right to all those things, or that I don’t enjoy speaking with them in these technological ways.

3. Will I ever be so fast people wonder how I look so normal while running? I usually think this upon seeing someone killing it (sub-6:00 pace people), who look so normal and comfortable; even though their wind pushes me off my pace because they are that fast!

4. What is the inside of a Cadbury egg made of? and how can I replicate that deliciousness? Are there illegal substances that make it so addictive? Is Cadbury like Santa, in that they work all year, but only receive recognition during this time period? …that list could go on and on. I should just hoard those things, since I am so obsessed. Spoiler- they don’t come from the cute bunny on commercials…

Also, on an unrelated note, I’m slowly getting better. But experienced major ab cramping on Tuesday and Wednesday night’s runs. I’m guessing its due to the constant coughing and ‘hocking’ during my run

Has anyone else had random things they wonder, that frustrate you to the very core?

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