Friday Hill Sprints

Friday, I had planned to do 10-12 miles.

I also had to get my oil changed, so since I’d be on that side of town, I thought I’d run the dreaded Lassiter Mill hill (a long, slow, steady hill that is the start and end of the Midtown Half Marathon). It sucked ending on that hill, so I thought I’d start/end on it for good mental practice. And I am thinking it would be good to work that hill over the course of the summer, to see if I can get faster on it.

With the pending storm, I decided to do hill sprints instead (As if that’s easier or a compromise of sorts). But that way, I’d be no further than a mile from my car at any given point. I aimed for 4 hill sprints, not remembering how long the hill was.

I ran out, and ignored the cramp starting on the DOWNhill portion. aka- my warm-up. I glanced down at my garmin- 0.41, and I wasn’t to the bottom yet.

this is going to suck

I turned around at the bottom, and my garmin read 0.58; so each uphill sprint was pretty long.

My goal was simple: maintain a steady jog on the first couple, preferably under 10:30 pace.

Isn’t that elevation pattern pretty? 🙂

My sprints were as follows-
5:32 (down)
5:59 (up)
5:54 (down) Time to slow this down, Chandi
5:41 (up) I sprinted a little too hard on this one, and paid for it on the next
6:08 (down) I walked a little to slow myself down on the downhill
6:01 (up) Okay, one more… Try to make it in under 6-minutes… D’oh!
5:51 (down)
6:06 (up) Just don’t stop. Until you get to the top.

A few notes–
1. The wind was blowing South, I was running North (17 mph), so a little extra resistance
2. It was 84 degrees. That sucked.
3. The total elevation change was 130 ft within 0.58 miles (which is a decent elevation gain)
4. I had to run with my head down, since the wind was blowing pollen straight into my eyes, which burned.
Otherwise, I’d say a successful dead legs feeling, and eventual endorphins post-run.

after the hill sprints

A post-run “glow”. It was gross out there. I think the REI cashier recoiled when I put my watermelon Nuun and post-run protein recovery options [I stocked up] on the counter (like “ew, I have to touch this?… Here, have it… Just don’t make me touch it”)

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