Sign up for motivation

I ran a mile Saturday. 8:53.

I ran a mile tonight. 9:12.

That’s more than I ran in May. And it made me think- there are a few things that push my recovery…

1. Writing about them. Knowing I have to ‘report in’ about my running progress makes me stick to it. So thanks to all my followers. And to all my friends, who have asked (with sincere hesitation and grimacing) if I’m running again. Both my running and non-running friends have asked how things are going. The first month was tough, and, honestly, some of the times I was brought to tears in thinking of my response. But they stuck with me, and continued to ask; because they had faith I’d declare ‘I ran 5 miles last week!’ (Still not there yet)

2. My Tuna team Knowing that I have a relay race in October keeps me motivated. It’s a relay, so my teammates are relying on me, and I don’t want to let them down. I am sure they would do just fine without my speed or distance (haha! As if I’ve ever been speedy), but I want to feel like I’m pulling my weight.

So moral of the day? If you lack motivation, sign up for something. Maybe a 5K. Maybe 5 months away. And slowly work up to it.

Happy Wednesday/ pre-fourth-of-July-four-day-weekend — Woo!

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