I will try to update this occasionally…

But, since the page is supposed to be beer and running, I should probably have a page about beer right?

Okay, here’s the problem: If it’s a really good beer, I forget to write about it. I tend to celebrate with another, and then I’m either too tired or I just want to enjoy my buzz for a little bit.

I also have a rule about taking your phone out in public. I think it’s rude and implies the person you are with is boring– that’s rude! Would you ever say to someone oh my god. you’re boring me. I need a break from you? If so, don’t hang out with me in public… Sorry (not sorry).

Anyway, my favorite beers are usually local brews, and generally stronger, and complex. Basically, if you put it in coffee terms, I like it black and strong. But, black beers are really only good in the winter, in my opinion.

[I hope the colors make sense… IPA/hoppy beers, wheat beers, stouts]

My easy go-to faves:

Foothills Hoppyum

They tend to serve this everywhere around here, on tap. So it’s a great choice- even at the Durham Bulls games. It’s a little hoppy (maybe more than you would like), but a good natural choice. (6.3%)

Mother Earth Weeping Willow Wit

This is a great crowd pleaser. Wheat beers tend to be popular with those that may not enjoy all those hops of my other favorites. It’s local (Eastern NC), and brings back so many good memories! It’s sweet, and light. Basically a perfect option to bring to any outdoor party in the summer time. It has an appropriate name, as I picture sitting under a weeping willow by a pond, sipping this beer in the hot summer shade. (5.0%)

Flying Dog Raging Bitch

This is by far one of my favorite beers. It is a belgian style IPA. Which means– it is that perfect sweet taste a belgian wheat generally has with a hoppy kick at the end! It’s more on the expensive side ($12 for a 4-pack), so I don’t get it too often. But, it would also make a great bachelorette gift, as it is about 8.3%; so it will knock that raging bridezilla bitch on her ass (or anyone else who you care to imply is a raging bitch).

Ballast Point Sextant

There is always room in my heart for a good San Diego beer. This one is no different. I have only had it on tap, and it was truly delicious. A good, classic oatmeal stout, sure to warm up you on those winter months. Not overdone with complexity, just well-executed. Smooth and tasty.

*I’ll add more favorites as they come up… If you have any to suggest, let me know. Oh, and I should add any Stone Brewing Co. beer is awesome to me as well 🙂

Enjoy in a icy cold pint glass!

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