Determined to run 1,000 miles!

Last year (2011), I set a goal to complete 500 miles by the end of the year, and reached about 400 when I suffered a minor hip injury. I could still run, and managed to get to 485, but felt defeated by not getting in 500 miles. In 2012, I made a silent goal of running 1,000 miles. I had no idea if I could reach it, so I didn’t start saying it out loud until after I reached 500 miles.

As of this morning, December 19, I am at 986 miles. I have 12 more days to get in 14 miles. As of December 1, I had 49 miles left to go, so I have been making some progress (35 miles).

I ran ~12 miles on Saturday, with a new group of people (who I actually really enjoyed). The first three miles were on a single track trail. That cautious voice in my head was saying Be careful… (that’s how I injured myself in 2011- too much trail running and hill repeats with not enough strength training). However, my hips felt fine, until about mile 11. Then it got my attention- but this time it was my right hip. I guess it was jealous that the left hip always gets my attention, and wanted to crash the party.

Sunday, I planned to run with Dan, before indulging in La Farm. Since I still planned to indulge in La Farm, and Dan gets so enthusiastic about running with me (no matter how slow), we still ran 3 miles, but at an easy pace. About a mile of it was on a trail (I know! I know! …That voice was going off for a good bit, but I love the technicality of trail running, and thought it would be okay)

Monday, I did some strength-training, and when I got to squats, my right hip kept popping audibly (the same symptom that eventually led to pain in my left hip). So I skipped squats. And I scrapped Tuesday night’s run, and didn’t do anything active.

So, now, 14 miles away… My plan is to do a lot of easy runs (and still make it to 1,000). Maybe I am being overzealous… It’s definitely not a full-blown injury, and my pain is about a 4 when walking swiftly, 6 when running, and fine when sitting or standing. Honestly, it dials up to a 8 when I make a sharp right turn (I found this out when my Dad turned quickly and gave me a hug, which pushed me to turn sharply, as I thought he was falling over, so I was hurriedly moving out of his way, so he could fall in peace). Bottom line- as long as no one cuts me off during the group run tonight, I think I’ll be fine. I’ll be running like a car without automatic steering. Besides, it’s an Ugly Sweater Run… How can you not go to one of those?!

Still, I will get 1,000 miles. In 12 days, I can accomplish 5 runs, of 3 miles each… I can do this!

Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. Yoga, yoga, yoga…

Awkward moment of last week-
Dan and I went for a group run (that a few others were supposedly going to). I showed up first, with my headlamp, and reflective gear. No one was at Fleet Feet, except the employees. Dan showed up about 5 minutes later, looking like a ninja in all black. It was 6pm, dark, and raining. They wouldn’t let us go out unless Dan either bought something reflective or didn’t write his name down as being there. No one else showed up. So, on paper, it looks like I went for a group run by myself. Also, it’s not cool to not wear reflective gear at night… It’s just stupid. I made him wear my reflective wrist bracelets before I would run next to him… Even though I was clearly visible and he stayed with me the whole time.

Side note- I really like my Petzl Tikka 2 Headlamp. It works great for a less-than-20-dollar headlamp. Only downfall- every time I put it on, I feel the need to make jokes about spelunking (Maybe that’s just me?). #cornydadjokes

Awkward moments

I love awkward moments.

You know the ones. When you’re out and you see your best friend’s crush pick his nose, then look around to see if anyone saw that. You totally put a drink to your mouth and avoid eye contact. Taking an awkward sip, you look around the room. If you have not done this, I’m sure you have seen it. My gay best friend and I will take “awkward sips” of air when we do not have a drink in hand…

Here’s a few recent ones of mine:

Walking into a bar to meet two guys. One is sitting on the bench-side of a corner patio booth. The other is sitting across from him. There are no other chairs. Question- do you sit next to the guy on the booth/ bench side, or look for a chair? Or make it more awkward and sit on one of their laps? (I sat on the bench. Awkwardly. Then realized I should have grabbed a drink when I passed the bartender; for an awkward sip)

Meeting eyes with a guy you hooked up with a year ago, but never called you. And may have been married at the time. All while in highly reflective running gear and about to meet new running friends… Again, where’s the drink for an awkward sip?

Seeing your ex’s best friend, 10 miles into a 16 mile run. And he’s only been your ex for a couple days… Good thing I had a full camelbak for an awkward sip

Realizing you have sweated through your shorts. And it looks like you peed your pants. <– Happened many times this summer…

Going grocery shopping, then realizing you left your debit card in your long-run shorts. After the cashier has rung everything up.

Realizing you were talking to your best friend’s boyfriend’s twin brother. Not your best friend’s boyfriend.

Going to a new hot yoga-style gym to do their circuit training. Picking the same spot as someone else, because you have no idea what is a station, and what is not. Then having to “downsize” every weight on the machines, because you are weak. THEN, smashing your finger under weights. And awkwardly exiting the room because you are pretty sure you are bleeding profusely from said hand. Oh, at the same class, at the end, my breathing also sounded orgasmic. So much so, that a guy across the room said “did some girl just …?” And his friend replied “yes, yes, she did”

Good times. I honestly love these. They make me laugh soooo hard! Even at the time. Which just makes things like “looking like you peed your pants” worse. Because then people think you might have. Why else would you be laughing so hard?

Happy Wednesday.

Speedwork tonight. With “the boys” And maybe “Jesus”.

milestones, snakes, and drinks (Oh My!)

This week marked a huge milestone for me: 20 miles. We set out to do 20 miles last Saturday, but blew our steam with a faster than expected 18. We walked another mile back to the car.

Ready to go. Compression socks. Notice it’s still dark out…

Yesterday, we set out for 20. And I could tell it wasn’t going to be a good day, as I woke up to some morning sickness (I am not pregnant, but if I don’t get enough sleep, I can’t keep food down in the morning). We set out to do a 10-mile out/ 10-mile back.

As we started into the neighborhood, Allison starts screaming and jumping, practically knocking Sarah over. I glance over as I’m running, and it’s a freaking copperhead! Coiled and ready to attack. Allison later says she’s pretty sure it was dead, which gives us some comfort. At about 12 miles into the run, a couple tells us there’s a snake ahead. Really?! So we keep running like little girls. Allison heard me step on a leaf or something and started screaming her head off! Which Julie and I almost fell over, he were so freaked out (there’s nothing scarier than not seeing what someone else does)… Turns out Allison had just thought I had seen something… We all have a good laugh about that. And it probably got us going on adrenaline until mile 14.

Allison has feeling great. So she kept getting ahead some, then looping back on a major turn. She ended up adding about 0.6 miles total. And it was nice to be able to see her a few feet in front of me… The last mile or so was mostly uphill (which sucks at the end). So we got to the same corner where Snake 1 had been… Allison and I stay on the opposite side of the road- just in case the snake wasn’t dead…


We continued the rest of the way uphill, looking around, scared to go near the edges of the road (that’s where it has been hanging out). She gets a little ahead of me because I needed a walk break for a slight downhill. My IT band screams on downhills. She suddenly screamed and ran back into the middle of the road. Then yells back at me, “SNAKE!” and points. At that point, neither of us were stopping until we got to the main road and our cars…

Allison did 21 miles (little running in circular sort of pacing at the end). I did 20.4… Just before she screamed about the snake, I got a little feklempt. 20 miles. That’s huge.

I got in my 20! What up?!

she’s legal! 21 baby!
(and bad lighting… sorry bout that!)

I mean, I remember when I couldn’t run for more than 10 minutes straight. And then, trying to do a 4 mile (and flat) loop, and having to walk some. Then the initial 12 miles. And all those milestones on the way. But, I felt so proud. I was in pain, but it was this amazing feeling, to know that if you push body, sometimes it responds exactly as you want it to.

We also agreed to out with “the boys” Saturday night. Dan & Dave want to get to know everyone better. About an hour before we were all supposed to meet up, Allison and Champagne bowed out, so it was just me and the boys. And they invited some friends out. So then, it was me and bunch of guys. All crazy crossfit-ers. They, like runners, have their own language. Thankfully, I dated a guy who was into crossfit before crossfit had gyms, so I understand the lingo because I would sometimes work out with him. It was a good time. I think some of the guys were trying to figure out who I was “with”- Dan? Or Dave? But I was very much a free spirit.