Gotta cut foot loose!

My favorite running songs

Countdown of my favorites. A little something fun for your Friday.

10. Romans Revenge (Nicki Minaj w/ Eminem)

Really for the beat. It matches my tempo/aim cadence perfectly. Not uplifting, more of a cocky and angry mixture. I’m the mother-f****ing boss! Mostly for the beat, but a lot of Nicki Minaj fit because I like to feel little cocky during a longer run.

9. Milkshake remix (Kelis)

I’m not sure who the remix is by, but it’s my JAM! It’s traditional Milkshake, but double time. Note: I like things like sirens in my workout songs. If I feel like I might be going into space, then it’s perfect. Not really, but there are a few on my playlist.

8. Six Foot Seven Foot (Lil Wayne)

I’m actually surprised there is not more Lil Wayne on this countdown, because when I am running, I feel like I just listen to Lil Wayne. He’s not the best role model by far. But, it’s a good beat- steady, with enough changes during the bridge, that I will sometimes hold a sprint speed during the bridge to push my pace a little.

7. This is the remix (Girl Talk)

Girl Talk, in general, is great for running. They do mash-ups of older classic songs with newer pop and hip hop songs. This is a mashup that includes some other songs on the list, but always helps me tune out for 6 minutes.

6. Pretty Girl Rock (Kerri Hilson)

Has a good beat, and is upbeat. This came on one time during a hellacious half marathon I did, and it got me into a good steady step, and lifted my spirits a little. Isn’t that the epitomy of a good workout song?

5. Dance/ A$$ (Big Sean)

Confession: Pretty much any song that is relating to bouncin dat ass or droppin it low pumps me up. This song is no different. And it makes me smile when it’s blasting in my headphones, because I am a tiny little preppy white girl, and I imagine what people would think if they knew what was playing at that time.

4. Move B**** (Ludacris et. al)

Ever been in a crowded race, and just wished people would get out of your way, so you can open up your stride and really run? This song is my anthem for those races. Even if I don’t have my music, I sing this in my head while passing people who are clearly not in the correct pace group (Probably not their fault. They probably don’t know that bit of race etiquette). I also feel like such aggression must be backed up with speed to actually pass people. It doesn’t hurt that I literally know every word to this song.

3. Get Low (Lil Jon ft Ying Yang twins)

One of the raunchiest songs ever. I remember hearing this in high school, and cringing at the lyrics. Three, Six, Nine, Damn she fine! She can sock it to me one more time! To the windows! To the wall (to the wall)! Til sweat drop down my… You remember it now? It is awful. But something about the yelling of it all gets me moving a little faster. Also, during strength training, it encourages me to get low in squats and work my flexibility with lines like Bend over to the front! Touch yo toes! Bounce dat ass up and down! And get low (get low). I also like the repetitive nature, so you have opportunities to get caught up in the particular movement. I hope you can detect my sarcasm about this whole description. But, this song does get me hyped for some reason. I don’t get it either. It just does.

2. Machinehead (Bush)

Is there anything more important that a 90s rock song reminding you to Breathe in Breathe out over the sounds of grunge guitar. It’s not meant for sprints, but then, I don’t usually listen to music on sprints. Just a great song, altogether. So why not be at/near the top of the list? It’s chorus is perfect for long runs, and slow enough that it doesn’t ‘push’ my pace, but reminds me to re-focus on my breathing and listen to my body. Also, a great song, in general.

1. Footloose (Kenny Loggins)

This song always takes me back. When I first started running, I would just play my iPod on shuffle, and sometimes it was a hit. Sometimes, not. This song came on randomly as I was rounding Shelley Lake, getting ready to finish my long 4 mile run (At the time, 4 miles was phenomenal). When I first heard it, as I was running, I thought gah! no! and almost skipped the track. However, I was almost done, so I let it play. And, it has always been my favorite ever since. It has a good strong beat (somehow that’s under-appreciated in workout mixes), I know all the words, and I can picture Kevin Bacon running through the “barn” or “train house” or wherever it was he was running.

Which, reminds me… If you haven’t seen this- you should. Kevin Bacon (in 2014) on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, re-enacting the entire video/song. FANTABULOUS!

Before you judge my list, what songs would you add?


Date #2 and challenge update

So, this whole “do something active every day” is hard to find time for.

Yesterday was busy. I had to leave work early (3pm) to go to the iPhone doctor Apple Store and get a replacement iPhone. No worries, I have new phone- woo! …But lost all my pictures and music (which is backed up to my computer).I had to activate my phone, which should be easy, but took 3 calls to Verizon, because my mom was dodging their calls (WTF?!), and her voicemail box was full, and I had texted her 4 times earlier to tell her what was up, and I had even emailed her. The problem was I didn’t know our account’s password.

I told the third (and final) verizon representative I would send up a smoke signal, and hope my mom saw it… He thought it was amusing.

So, at 6pm, I emailed Dan the old-school way, from my computer, to say I was almost on my way, and should be there by 645. As soon as I got to his place, I was like “WHERES YOUR PHONE?!” And immediately texted my mom, and instructed her to text/call his cell phone with the password. My mom’s response? She emailed me at 11pm the password. Which I got this morning when I got into work. And am happy to report, my life iPhone is up and running again.

So I got to Dan’s, and we hopped in the car for dinner, then to the fun. concert. It was a fun people-watching concert. As in this kind of people watching-

I hate to admit this- but I totally felt hipster. Because I followed the lead singer of fun. from when he was in The Format. Because I’m totally underground like that. haha!

But yeah. Most of the people there were wearing scarves (boys included), and were complaining about the beer selection, and how everyone around them was a sell-out. Oh my gosh! It all made me laugh so hard. Just listening to some of them.

So, we got back at like 10, and Dan wanted to wash all the sweaty hipsters off him, so took a shower. And I had to find time for a little fitness action, so I took the time to work my glutes and hip abductors. He got out of the shower, and jsut started laughing, as I’m exercising on the floor, at 11pm. Date #2 completed. 🙂

Maybe I’ll just go back to running, and not worry about other fitness stuff. It seems slack to work out for 10 minutes and call it the “same” as running for an hour… Today’s plan is to go for a short run while I’m getting an oil change. Yep, I do that. They always ask “are you going to wait here?” And my reply is always “Well, how long will it take?” And I plan my running distance accordingly. And then the mechanics look at me weirdly, as I just take off running.

Tomorrow, I am moving my gay best friend, so that will be athletic. He is on the third floor, and has a LOT of stuff, so lots of stair climbs with weights. Yeah!

So, Day 7: 2×20 hip abductor leg-bends (I never know the real names of these exercises), and 2×20 fire-hydrants, and 2×20 “pizzas” (on knees, kick leg up toward sky. I never understood why my coach called them pizzas, but it stuck with me)

Happy Weekend! I hope you all get to sleep in some tomorrow, and you enjoy tonight- crisp, freezing cold air and all!