my nail polish obsession

My blog name is “run, beer, and girly things”… Yet, I never talk about the girly things. I don’t feel I am girly enough to deserve be considered a “beauty guru” blogger. But, I do like to experiment with makeup and hair styles/colors. And polishes more so while I still have all my toe nails 🙂

I will also lose all the guys with this one, so just scroll on to the next one, or wait for one that applies to you…

I decided this deserved its own blog post… I am (have always) been obsessed with nail polishes. I used to buy a nail polish every time I went to Target or walk past an Ulta. TJ Maxx also has great selections (for as little as $4 for OPI, Sephora, or Nicole).

Julep is a subscription box that includes your choice (I LOVE that part) of five boxes for $20/month. I’ve heard they are about to increase this price to $25/month or $20 pre-paid three month subscription, but you will get to pick your box (swapping out polished and beauty products). I am at ~1500 Jules right now, and if you use my link, and I get the rewards (1000 Jules, 2000 Jules= free box), I’ll send a box your way. So make sure to comment if you use the link and become a Maven. I’ll pick at random if there are several people.

There are three options with two polishes and a beauty product, one option with just beauty products (usually two, sometimes three), and one option with three nail polishes. Use the code “FREEBOX” to get your first box free. You can choose add-ons from $4.99… And their boxes include some GREAT colors right now- perfect for spring/summer. Here’s a picture of the colors I chose:

I chose to go more "neutral", with pinks.

I chose to go more “neutral”, with pinks.

You can do like I did… I wasn’t sold by first glance, so I waited. And within 24 hours, I got an email, enticing me to try it out- with two polishes for $9.99. So I think I paid $15, and got: a light pink (Helen), a brick red (Claudette), a hoe red (Molly), a navy blue (Char), nail polish remover, and a pedi foot cream (yummy peppermint).

You make your choice between 20-24th of every month. I believe you can skip once every three months, if you don’t like it, don’t have the funds, or just have too much nail polish. If you do “nothing” in the 20-24th window, they give you your default style profile, which you can always change around.

I counted last night… I have 16 (!) polishes total. And six more on their way right now.

I took the picture below in November. I had spent about $50 to get all of these (and there were 4 more not pictured because I gave them away as Christmas presents). These are great nail polishes- stay very well. Great variety of color. They have the basic pinks and reds, but I generally don’t pick those too often. All the colors are named after women, and Julep promotes a lot of “women friendly” organizations, such as battered women’s shelters. They usually hold an event once per month (located in Seattle). You can see more about the company, and learn about tricks and tips for great mani/pedis here.

my Julep

Meet (left to right): Claudette, Clio, Molly, Stevie, Helen, Char, Estelle, Dahlia, Casper, and an oxygen treatment. Below are even more pictures of nail polishes not pictured here…




Here are the beauty products:

Julep products  The Mint Condition Pedi Creme. My favorite foot lotion. It feels great when my feet are tired after a long/hot run. It has a slight cooling sensation, the smell isn’t too overwhelmingly peppermint, and it leaves my skin softer.
The LUXE Serum, honestly, smells kind of weird. BUT, it works great, and rejuvenates my hands in the winter. I’ve also used it on my face overnight.
The Kajal Eyeliner is great. I used it a lot in the winter. Lately, I’ve been more on the natural make-up kick, but the brown shimmer side (as you can see- it’s more used up) is still pretty subtle. The black is great too- very charcoal. If you have oily skin, your skin might just soak this right up. When my skin is oily, it seems to melt and disappear right off my face. And, lastly, the eye shadow cream. I like it okay. I got the plum color, and have used it a couple times, but it is too dark  for every day use, and is liquid, so you have to wait (not blink/open your eye) for it to dry. I’ve used it as an eyeliner (with eyeliner brush), and have been happy with it.

I am not endorsed by Julep. But if you sign up using my link, I do get perks… That’s another great thing- you “collect” points (Jules) as you buy more items, and they are very loyal to their “older” customers. You get 300 Jules for accepting a monthly box, 200 on your birthday, 1000 for referring friends. Every 2000 is a free monthly box; 750 can be traded in for a polish upgrade on a box. The Jules convert to other items too, and usually specifies next to the true price, under Maven Exclusives.

So, my basic thing is this- I wouldn’t recommend something unless it was truly great! I love this service. Their polishes are always on-season and on-trend, great quality, and usually a little different. Since I started this subscription, I also no longer linger in the nail polish aisle. Honestly, it’s like christmas everyday, when you receive a box at the beginning of the month. They are a “small” business (growing every day) based out of Seattle, so people on the East Coast- it usually takes about 2 weeks to get your box, from the 27th, when they send them out. I usually add-on a polish, because it’s hard to choose just the set you are given. They tend to do gift sets with the season too… Halloween was neon colors, black, blood reds, orange. Christmas was reds, greens, golds, whites. In February, everyone got ‘Love’ which is a white shimmer with red and gold subtle glitter in it.

Anyway, you should really try it. If you like nail polishes, it’s very worth it 🙂

You can always cancel, but I have read… You have to call, and sometimes it can be a bit aggravating to have to call a company. Since I joined almost a year ago, I get perks- like being able to skip any month I want, and I won’t have to pay more for the customizable box. I can keep doing what I’m doing (for a little while I hope)

So, now onto the pictures and a little about each one.


Cameron_sparklylavenderCameron_swatch  Cameron was a part of the February box. It’s a silvery-lavender glittery nail polish, with a “stardust” finish, meaning it is rough (think gravel). It’s so sparkly, it’s like the sparkles pop off your color in 3-D. Not for the boring, but has been a spring favorite.



Estelle_blacsparklesEstelle_swatch  Estelle is one of my absolute all-time favorites. I got it in a “Mystery” Box, and wasn’t sure. I don’t generally like black nails. I think they are too emo/vamp. But Estelle’s subtle glitter hits the light and sparkles every which way is the perfect color for fall/winter. It makes me think of New Year’s Eve dresses- black and sparkly.




Not much to say about Joanna. Dan’s favorite- a periwinkle with a little shimmer/ pearl-like frost. I really do like it. And it’s got the Easter Egg theme, so is on my toes right now.





Love_sparkleWho doesn’t love Love? Every Maven got this as a bonus with their February box. This was a great snowed-in polish. I put it over a pretty white, and the sparkles look overwhelming in the bottle, but are ever so subtle in-person, on the nail. It has a golden hint to it, so over gold was nice as well, or on its own. Over a darker color, it seemed to just make the darker color look “gold”






Valerie_huntergreenValerie_swatch  Valerie is a great color for Christmas/ fall. They advertise it as “teal” but I think it is more hunter green, with some golden undertones. It’s subtle, and dark, but very pigmented. I like it.


If you sign up, don’t forget to use the link above, code FREEBOX for your first one free. And, comment which style you chose. I’ll give away a free box if anyone is interested…

meet baby Mason…

As of 11:29pm, 2/12/2013, I have a nephew… Auntie Chandi.

Meet my nephew- baby mason:

so precious!

so precious!

Unfortunately, he had a little jaundice and was under the UV lights, so we weren’t able to hold him, but he had been passed around from family member to family member throughout the day, so was probably ready for a break. Honestly, I think he just wanted to kick back and tan.

When we got there, he was chillin’ with his shades on, sprawled out under the lights. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought he was Snooki’s baby 🙂 My sister-in-law was exhausted. Apparently her entire family and all her friends had been coming and going all day, and she barely had time alone with the little guy (almost 24 hours late).

I got to hold hands with him and rub his chest, but that was pretty much it. He is a sweet little man though. He’s way cuter than all the other ugly babies out there! (I love babies, but they are always red, with gross hair, and weird alien-like heads…. Mason looked like he was already a month old!)

Brown hair, blue eyes. 8 lbs, 7 oz. 21 inches. Or, as my Dad said “He’s got a big wing span” …hehe Yes, he does!

Dan and I are going to go watch him, or help my brother and sister-in-law next weekend. I have a little gift for him… So glad I didn’t get newborn, since he’s already in 3MO clothing 🙂 He sure is cute though!