The Start of Fall

So I received an email enticing me to try an iced pumpkin latte (which by the way, is AH-MAZING! when you live in San Diego and it never really gets to that crisp fall air). Anyway, it made me think- Fall is really starting. It’s here. Oh, and summer is basically over. Then, I realized I had been suckered in, because it’s only August. But still, it will be October before I know it.

So, I am pretty non-committal about things.  I’m always hesitant to sign up for things in advance. If I sign up for something months in advance, I end up disliking someone by the time the event happens.

But somehow, I got wrangled into doing two things this fall-

1. Distance Relay

(Tuna Run 200… I’m not gonna lie to you, the tuna and beer on the beach is pretty much why I’m doing it) But I am co-captain. And by co-captain, I am that annoying backseat driver everyone tells to shut up (I have been affectionately nicknamed Gilligan… I have a lot of nicknames). But I am much more Type A than Skipper, so I feel the need to stress her out.


One of my running buddies thinks we will sub-4:00 the marathon. I had to remind her that all three of our *PR* times are >2:00 for a half, so I think she’s a little in the clouds. My goal is to finish (duh… who signs up and is like ‘meh, i just want to start, then stop by the drunken frat guys, have a few shots of Jack and DNF because I forgot I was racing’). But honestly, sub 4:30 and I’d be ecstatic.

We picked Richmond for 2 reasons… 1- It has a downhill finish, 2- the college kids set up shots of Jack at mile 22, and that may (or may not) be a fun way to stumble across the finish line… Yes, there is a trend- my running comes with drinking. Oh, and it’s a short drive/ train ride away.

So I plan to blog about the epic events that will lead up to these events. And by epic, I mean painful, and sometimes kind of boring. But usually hilarious.