proof that running always helps

Well, almost always.

Today was a blah day. This weekend was so so great. I hung out (slash moved) my gay bestie and hung out with his mom and dad and his boyfriend, all of whom I love. Then, I rushed to a holiday party Dan was having. Which apparently had a strong turn-out, mostly because they wanted to meet this girl he was dating. Is she real? Did she really run a marathon? And ate three doughnuts, immediately following a 9-mile run in the middle of the day, then run 10 miles later that night?! Okay, maybe they had different questions. But, it was good times, all around.

Then, Sunday, we just hung out. We cleaned the 50 or so beer bottles left scattered around the house and yard, swept the floor, ran the dishwasher, etc etc. Dan made me breakfast with some of the leftover veggies from the veggie platter (my idea). We went to the ArtWalk, which was mostly lame, but there were a few legitimate artists and one furniture place that had great (and reasonably priced) hand-crafted furniture. All of that was nice, but nothing extraordinary. Just a great weekend.

And then, I had to go back to work. And I love my job, but something about going to work after a nice weekend makes you wish it was always weekend. And I went for a slow-ish 5 mile run on Monday.

Tuesday, Dan and I went for sushi. And I remembered as I was getting settled into bed that I needed to do my workout for the day, so hello sworkit (a new app I got). I chose Strength Training, then Core, then 5 minutes. And added some penguins and a few leg raises on the end.

And today, I did a “as fast as I can mile”, but decided to do 1.5 miles instead, and completed it in 11:39. Which is pretty good, but shows I need a warm-up before just jumping into a fast mile. That mile and a half helped the funk go away.

I’m heading to Boston tomorrow for work, and am really excited. I’ll be staying by Fenway, and my goal is to get in one run while in Boston. I have a firm belief that you don’t really see a community until you run in. One of my favorite runs is in St Maarten at 530am (it was still 90 degrees and sunny in July), before all the tourists got up. Running those hills, with the quiet neighbors before the morning hustle and bustle.

So, ever since that run, I make it a point to get in one run in each new town. When I mentioned that I ran the Richmond marathon to my Boston co-workers on a conference call, their reply was You should run the Boston Marathon! And I laughed so hard. Ummmm… I will never be that fast. But you guys are sweet. And they said they’d show me a good running route before sending me on my way Friday night. I was thinking Harvard Square or through BU’s campus, or maybe down to Fenway… We shall see… It will also depend on timing.

How do you knock yourself out of a funk? For me, I run a lot of short runs (2-3 milers), and push the speed a lot. Or do a lot of short (5-10 minute) workouts. There’s less excuses, such as: I don’t have time; The sun is setting; But I really don’t have time for a shower (when it’s 40-degrees out, I find a quick rinse-off works fine if meeting someone); I’m tired; etc etc. All of these excuses are thrown aside when I think But it’s only 10 minutes… And I usually feel so much better afterward.

Boston! Here I come! (Except not the marathon… I’m about an hour too slow for that! haha!)