Running family and real family…

Today is Thanksgiving.

For me, that means beginning the day early with ~3,000 other runners for the Ridgewood Turkey Trot 8K (5 miles). In 2010, I was training for a half marathon, and someone suggested I do the turkey trot. I was planning to do a 5-6 mile training that day, so I signed up.

And something about running through the old neighborhoods off Ridge Road. It feels like home. Running through all the piles and piles of orange and brown leaves. The crisp, cold air. The calm, that doesn’t generally accompany races. It’s like we are all there for one reason- to cancel out the food we plan to eat later to give thanks for our ability to run.

So, my first time at this Turkey Trot, I had no idea what to expect, but thought I ran 8’s, so would finish in ~40 minutes. I went out really strong. At Mile 1, I had done a sub-8. Woo! Then, I started hitting the hills of Raleigh. And then, I hit the last hill. Basically Ridge Road is a slow, steady up-hill for the last 2 miles. And I just had gassed it way too early, so I (sadly) walked for about a mile. And managed to finish in 44:30-something. And was devastated.

After doing a few more 8K’s, I realized 45:00 is about my average, and not to expect any faster.

Today was different.

Last night, I met Dan and Dave at packet pick-up and we enjoyed some beer out on the patio. And some great conversation, and good laughs. Then, I spent the night at Dan’s. I just relaxed. It was such a nice night.

And he woke up at 6am, I woke up closer to 630. And got coffee, and slowly made out way to the cold winter air outside. I wore a tank top (with my Brooks arm sleeves), and simple capri tights (not fleece lined). Everyone we met was decked out in major winter gear. I was thinking Guys, c’mon! It’s ~40 degrees, the sun is shining, and it’s only 5-miles. And hugging Dan for body warmth.

We headed over to the start to find our pace groups. And Dan and Dave convinced me to start in the 7:00-9:00 pace group. Dan had been thinking 7-something, Dave was thinking sub-40. I was thinking my blisters hurt this morning in bed… And I just ran a marathon 12-days ago. Where is Steve (first timer), and Oh! Sondra said she was running an 11:00… But I hung with the boys until the start, and fell back quickly.

My hands were freezing (as in hard to move them, and they didn’t hurt), so I pulled my arm sleeves down over them. And wished I’d brought gloves. Once I warmed up, I started taking charge on the hills. Tearing off toward the sidewalk, and running on the outside during turns, in order to pass people, and find some “space”. At halfway, I wondered what idiot was blaring their music, and realized it was coming from my butt. So, I reached back to turn it off, and saw the dreaded time. Why did I start this app? I thought to myself, and saw the time- 23:00 (2.58 miles in)… Okay, not bad, I want 45-minutes. That works fine. You ran a marathon 12 freaking days ago. Just finish.

Except, I also used to run this way back for every tempo run for a good 10-12 weeks. It’s like my body just knew that, and kept pushing more and more up the hill. Until I saw the Steeples (a church that’s about a mile away from finish), and tried to give it as much as I could. And then I saw the parking lot. Which always tricks us into thinking the finish line is there (it’s not! You have to run a small zig-zag of about 200 meters in), but I always kick it too early. And as I approached the final turn, I heard Dan yelling my name, saw the time was in the 42’s, and noticed everyone was blazing past me.

I stopped my watch- 42:50. I’ll take it (chip time was actually 42:34, but I always start it early/ end it late). So, I PR’ed by 2 minutes. I looked for Dan and Dave. Found Dave, who finished in 39:50-something, and then we wandered for Dan… who finished in ~36 minutes (woo! woo! That’s fast to me. The winners are usually like 30 minutes).

So, I started off the day with some people who always inspire me, and make me feel like I can accomplish anything. My running family. And starting the day with Dan. Well, that was nice. It’s been a long time since I wanted to see someone I dated on a holiday.

So, then family time. And oh my gosh. I am so. freaking. stuffed. Like, laying in my bed. Thinking, I will have to run a good bit tomorrow to try and get rid of it all. …And looking forward to our first official date on Saturday.

HAPPY GOBBLE! GOBBLE! I hope you all have something in your life to be thankful for.

Me- my health and happiness. They both take work to get to, but are always worth fighting for 🙂

rant about a lot of stuff

Apparently, I am socially inept. I knew I was awkward, but apparently, it’s worse than I thought.

Here’s a little news flash- I am not a mind-reader.  And I do not know how to become one.

So, recently, I’ve had a few social interactions, where in the days or weeks that follow, I get the feeling that I must have put my foot in my mouth. Here is what I do-

1. Apologize if there was anything that I did or said. I didn’t mean to hurt you in that way. I was just being stupid/thought I was being funny/ stressed/ drunk/ etc.

2. Ask ‘Are we okay?’

a. If the response is yes, I continue business as usual

b. If the response is a negative one (it’s usually not a “no”, but more like a “Youre such a bitch Chandi!”), then I fight it out with them, and try to make sure whatever I did to hurt them doesn’t happen again.

However, more times than not, people are afraid of confrontation, and believe in my ability as a mind-reader keeping their mouth shut is the best way for us to remain friends. It’s not.

Here’s a scenario. You go into the doctor’s office.

Doctor: “So, what seems to be the problem?”

Patient: “Guess”

Doctor: “Well, I’m a dermatologist so I’m guessing it’s something to do with your skin…”

Patient:  “Yes….”

Doctor (losing his patience, because they usually only spend about 2 minutes on a patient, and he’s spent 30 seconds with this whackjob, who hasn’t even told him the problem yet): “Let me refer you to a good psychiatrist I know…”

In running news- my blisters hurt. A lot. I went for a 5-mile run (very slow, recovery run) on Thursday of last week, and woke up Friday morning to reddish-purple blisters. So I tried to stay off them as much as I could. My aunt, who is a nurse, suggested A+D ointment (diaper rash ointment), overnight with a thick pair of cotton socks, and I think it’s helped out a good bit. So I have to cross-train until the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Yoga tonight (if Sheryl is at the studio), then over to Dan’s tomorrow night.

Dan signed up for the Turkey Trot. Which I thought was kinda cute. And he lives nearby, so I’m just gonna stay there. And then, Dave signed up for it. And Allison and her friend are signed up. Something tells me there will be awkward moments in the coming weeks, resulting from these unconfrontations (they are boiling on the back burner, with that “I’m about to boil over and f*ck with your whole stovetop” sound, but you can’t hear it over the bitches yelling about their phone bill on Judge Mathis… What? It comes on around dinner time for me… 🙂 )

Gobble! Gobble! Turkey time is around the corner, and Christmas is photo-bombing the hell out of it 🙂 Let’s make sure to focus the camera on the Thanksgiving until Friday… 🙂

I’ll post a marathon pictures re-cap (My aunt thought the pictures were really good, so called me at 1am to tell me she bought them. Thanks Aunt Terry!) But for now- best photo-bombed picture of the bunch:

Just to be clear, ‘Lisa’ ruined OUR photo 😉