Why Can’t I Quit You? and my latest obsession

Why can’t I quit you?

It seems like a sad revelation, to remember these shoes. They got me through my first marathon, through some harder training cycles. I technically have just been holding onto them for months now, wearing them maybe 5 miles per week. I tried to pretend like it was me that was feeling sluggish on days I wore them. Or pretend that my right toe blister happens all the time (It does not). So finally, I am quitting you. I will put you away in my closet until I can get to a local PlanetAid.

I am quitting you today.

Ghosts – R.I.M.C. {Rest in my closet} (~320 miles)

September, 2012 - April, 2013

September, 2012 – April, 2013

On that note, I will also be quitting my Pureconnects (third pair) – November, 2012 – April, 2013 (~250 miles)

The Ghosts were great for me as I transitioned into longer distances. But my 16-miler in January in my PCs proved that I can go the distance in the minimalist shoes, and no longer need the extra 4 oz the Ghosts offer.

Quick review of both shoes- Brooks Ghost 4- Great substantial shoe for long runs. Still light enough to wear on an everyday basis. I had the Ghost3 too and loved them as well. I get minimal blisters when I wear these on hotter days, but that is partially my foot’s physiology. My first pair of Ghost4’s (yes, I went through 2 pairs while marathon training… I was running a lot!) I went through in about 230 miles, so switching out and giving the shoes “rest days” definitely helped me get more out of these shoes (almost 100 miles more and they are less worn down visibly).
Brooks Pureconnects (original)- I love these shoes so much that I am on my fourth pair of them! Yes, fourth pair! I think these shoes are so awesome that they make me want to run more. Why? They are very lightweight, so your foot has freedom of movement, but they feel like you are running on clouds, or pillows. They heat up quickly when you road run on hot/ longer days, but I find more substantial shoes make my foot hotter and don’t breathe as well (resulting in blisters/black toenails/etc). And I don’t get as many miles out of them, because there is less material, so of course it breaks down quicker. I still get 200-250 miles out of these shoes. I have ran faster races in these. I have ran as much as 16 miles in these with no discomfort/pain. I will say, transition into them. My calves get more of a workout with these than a clunkier shoe. They do have a significant arch, so these are not for you if you have flat feet. They just aren’t. I love these so much that I plan to buy the PureConnects (second edition); it sounds like they just changed the upper. I’ve had the light blue (original color) and the purple, and got compliments on both. Basically, job well done Brooks. Job well done! I am interested to see how you can make these shoes any better 🙂

More miles means more money on shoes. Oh, Fleet Feet, I love that you give me $15 every $150 I spend… It means the more shoes I get (plus my obsession with Nuun), the more I save!

And my new obsession?

Green apples with Nutella (or Trader Joe’s Cocoa Almond Butter, just as delicious), with a Watermelon Nuun.
(Fat kid, cake = me, nutella+apples)

It’s been my morning and afternoon snack for the past week. I carry a knife with me at all times so I can cut up an apple.

I do not front. I will cut. An apple.
Then dunk it in delicious “healthy” chocolately goodness.
And tell myself this is a healthy meal because it once was an apple.

[This is not healthy. Unless you are comparing it to State Fair options]