A tale of a runner’s feet

Oh my feet.

It’s been years now I have abused my feet. As a child, I ran through the neighborhoods barefoot. I was a competitive gymnast, so I spent years chalking my feet, landing on them as hard as possible without moving, and expected them to be fine.
I was even a dancer. I taped my toes. I tore off a few calluses around audition and eventually performance season. One time in college, I even stepped on something while intoxicated and didn’t realize until it started to feel “sticky” (aka covered in blood).
I got my first pedicure in college. I was always too embarrassed before then. I felt the need to give them a $20 tip just for not running out screaming. They would ask if I wanted them to shave down my calluses, and I’m proudly say “no, I’m a dancer. I need those…” which they never understood.

My first black toe nail (March 2012)

And recently I experienced a first. During my training for my third half marathon (with a group and hoping to PR), I got my first black toenail. My second toe.

Then, during the race, it was hot, and I was gunning it at the end. I felt the throbbing in my toes but didn’t think much of it until I got back to the hotel room. I had blood blisters all over my big toe and second toes- both feet. I thought, no one ever loses their big toe toenails. I’ll be fine. They’re stronger than the other little toes…

The blood blister on my big toe poked out from under the nail a little. Yep, it’s gross; thankfully you can’t really see it.

In June, I lost my second toenail on my right foot (the one that went black in March). Which was lots of fun, considering I went to Charlotte to see an ex-bf. Then, in July, the unthinkable happened: I lost both my big toenails. I was just filing them down, and one tore right off! I was tempted to look for glue, and work my magic. But I knew better. They were really gone! It was time to face the music. And a week later I met up with same ex. I still love that he thought it was funny and showed me his black toe nail instead of insisting I wear closed toe shoes, not snuggle, and keep on my socks.

So basic story- my feet have been jacked up for the past six months. And my toenails- well it’s been a running joke (no pun intended promise) with all my friends since June.

Today, I got my first pedicure in the past year (I was too ashamed to have someone look at my feet, and was afraid they’d say “we cant help you”. And here they are– so pretty 🙂 I feel so girly again. What’s the toe equivalent to a brazilian? Because that’s what I feel!

SO PRETTY! (Also this was a day after running 22 miles)