running while coughing… BAMF!

(If you don’t know what BAMF means, look it up 🙂 )

So, last week I was sick. And not like couldn’t get out of bed kind of sick, but just coughing a lot.

So this isn’t an exciting post. Just a statement-

Running through a coughing fit…. Bad Ass? Stupid? …Sexy?

I only got through 15 miles this week, even though it was beautiful in Raleigh. And I managed to do a 5 miler last night, with 2 “fast” miles (8:06-8:10), but one was uphill. And I couldn’t decide if coughing meant I should stop or just keep running.

I have also been listening to “Artists to Watch 2013” on slacker radio, and heard the best song lyrics ever- Don’t just dream in your sleep; it’s just lazy

(something to think on)

4 thoughts on “running while coughing… BAMF!

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